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URQU Alpine Wellness’s three-day retreat – the perfect women only weekend break in the Alps

The perfect mini-break for mothers and busy working women

When I first decided to launch our 7-day Alpine Wellness Retreats I had a few inquiries from busy moms about the possibility of running a shorter 3-day weekend, so I decided to design a mini-retreat the would incorporate the highlights of our one-week retreats and still offer the same adventure and wellness component of our longer retreats.
Our 3-day retreat turned out to be the perfect break for busy moms with young children and working women whose work schedules do not allow them to 'escape' for a week at a time.
The major focus of the weekend retreat was hiking and yoga, and of course a good dose of pampering at our luxury chalet and at the Albert Premier spa!
Watch our video below for the highlights of our Pentecost weekend.
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